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Morocco – Israel : The Unprecedented Offensive on Investments in the Sahara

With its ministry of strategic affairs gaining more power, Israel is operating a shift in its diplomacy. This shift implies a change in the alliances of the state. The study “Morocco – Israel: the unprecedented offensive on investments in the Sahara” tackles the impact of this diplomatic shift, focusing on non-state actors who advocate the new Israeli arguments.



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Faced with growing international criticism because of its activities in the settlements, Israel has reshaped its diplomatic strategy to defend its interests.  If this redesign is institutionally embodied by the rise of the ministry of strategic affairs, it is also characterized by the growing involvement of non-governmental actors who have a new argument, especially designed to counter the BDS movement. The study « Morocco-Israel: the unprecedented offensive on investments in the Sahara » analyzes the impact of this configuration by focusing on non-state actors that bear the new Israeli diplomatic argument.

The argument raised by the Israeli non-governmental actors involves spreading the idea that Israel is subject to an unfair treatment that is not applied to the administrative powers of other disputed territories. On the basis of this observation, these influential actors want the measures taken against Israel to apply equally to the administering powers of the “disputed territories”. The strategy supported by Israeli NGOs focusing on the issue of investment in the « disputed territories” endangers first and foremost the national and international groups present in these territories. This argument is aimed not only at countries traditionally hostile to Israel such as Russia, but also at countries that have played a positive role in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, such as Morocco. In the Sahara, this threat affects both Moroccan operators such as the phosphate giant OCP or the first bank of the country AttijariWafabank, and international operators (Siemens, LafargeHolcim, Crédit Agricole, Santander …).

Conducted by CMAIS, the study « Morocco-Israel: the unprecedented offensive on investments in the Sahara » allows, through a concrete case study, to better anticipate the consequences of this new threat and to understand the mode of operation and the influence of the entities at its origin.

Who is this study intended for? Multinational companies, legal experts, think-tanks, NGOs, diplomats.

What you will find in this study:

  • The nature and the stakes of the attack on the investors targeted by this campaign
  • The presentation of the structures and key characters behind this attack
  • The communication strategy and the influence of non-governmental actors behind this attack
  • The argument developed to jeopardize investments in targeted territories
  • A case study presenting the stakes and consequences of this threat for investors
  • The fallout from this campaign
  • A critical reading of this argument